Dear Friends,

This website is a tribute to the Divine Mystery within us all, and an expression of gratitude for the sacred gift of life. Its content is directed toward deepening the contemplative heart and a resurgence of the monastic vocation in new, interspiritual forms suited to daily, engaged life.

If the divine journey I share with you can be identified at all, I would say it emerges from intimate contact with a theology of kinship, of a mothering wisdom so vital and yet lacking in our world. This is not a path of historical retrieval or theological renaming within the confines of our religious traditions, but the dawn of a new revelatory consciousness being born in our souls. We are in a rare historical moment of openness, in which the universal teaching of love calls us to participate in the embodiment of new lineages of faith and new spiritual ways of being.

We have a unique opportunity, unprecedented in religious history, to seek the Divine Mystery outside of the monastic enclosure and even outside of a community of believers. We are blessed to be able to draw upon the wisdom of the world’s spiritual traditions and the thought of contemplative masters. It is as if the doors of an ancient world library were flung open and we’ve been granted access to the collective storehouse of human spiritual possibility.

It is my hope that the weekly meditations, podcasts, and spiritual practices will contribute in some small way to your inner happiness, and be of benefit to your life and to all your relations.

May each of us, through our aspiration for meaning and our love of creation, contribute to the alleviation of suffering and to preserving the holiness of all beings and life forms.

Doves colored small