Beverly offers retreats on deepening the contemplative life and opening one’s heart to the monk within. Retreats are designed to explore spiritual life themes, engage the whole person—body, mind, and spirit—and foster meditative awareness within the context of a small group of like-minded participants for contemplative study, dialogue, and practice. Please contact Beverly for further information on retreat offerings.

Workshops & Lectures

Beverly has developed workshops on new directions in contemplative & monastic life, mysticism, interfaith dialogue, spiritual direction, and the spirituality of nonviolence for retreat centers, monasteries, churches, seminaries, colleges, medical schools, and other educational institutions nationally and internationally. Dr. Lanzetta frequently appears at conferences, and gives guest lectures and radio interviews.

The New Monk

Through a program of study, practice, and prayer, Beverly mentors individuals who are pursuing a deeper contemplative commitment, and who wish to take personal monastic vows in the context of their life situation. The mentoring process is based on her original texts and extensive experience of a new monastic way of life. Study includes the monastic and mystical wisdom of the world’s religions, and the vows that underlie the monastic vocation throughout history.

AngelwithRedWingsWebBMy immersion in global contemplative consciousness began over forty years ago when a series of revelatory experiences changed my life and set me on a path of devotion. What I’ve learned over these years is that the spiritual quest is a fundamental orientation common to the human experience. The commitment to seek God, and the pursuit of liberation or union with the Absolute are imprinted in the heart of the world. I also have learned that we live in an era of new visions of the sacred; the monastic heart resides within all people, regardless of life situation or vocation; and it is a sacred duty to share contemporary spiritual ways of being in a world often lacking healthy models of faith.

-Beverly Lanzetta

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  • Mysticism of Silence: Cultivating a New Monasticism
  • The Mystical Soul & Spiritual Direction Retreat
  • Born of Divine Love
  • Principles of Inner Healing
  • The Mystic Soul and Spiritual Direction
  • Nine Jewels of Night
  • Mystical Path of Benevolence
  • The Longing Heart: Journey with the Mystics

Via Feminine (Divine Feminine)

  • Descent of the Great Mother
  • Via Feminina: The Mystical Path of the Feminine
  • Feminism, Mysticism, and the Journey toward God


  • New Monasticism
  • The Monastic Personality
  • Integration of a New Monastic Way
  • Embodied Monasticism
  • Themes in Women’s Monastic Life

Interfaith, Interspiritual, Multi-faith

  • Rule of Life in Multi-religious Practice
  • The Crossroads of Unity: A Personal Pilgrimage in Interfaith Dialogue
  • Medicine, Energy & the Soul

Energy, Medicine and Healing

  • Purity of Heart: A Mystical Approach to Mind-Body Integration
  • Energy Medicine
  • Spiritual Genetics
  • Self Transformation, Soul Suffering and Healing
  • New Foundations of Spiritual Life
  • Transforming the Spiritual Imaginary
  • Medicine, Healing, and the Spiritual Traditions
  • Energy, Healing, and Spirituality
  • Contemplation and Healing: Silence and Health
  • Spiritual Healing in Buddhism, Hinduism, and Christianity

Eastern Religious Thought

  • Buddhist influences on Western Mysticism
  • Hindu and Buddhist Spirituality: A Resource for Christian Contemplatives

Western Religious Thought

  • Intentio: The Desert Fathers’ Understanding of Spiritual Discernment
  • Meister Eckhart as Spiritual Guide

Spiritual Direction

  • Spiritual Direction and the Mystical Life
  • The Monastic Heart: Interfaith Spirituality and Spiritual Direction
  • The Inner Way: Spiritual Direction and Religious Experience
  • Spiritual Direction in St. John of the Cross and St. Teresa of Avila
  • Ministry and Spiritual Direction in Pastoral Care
  • The Role of Spiritual Practices in Soul Development


  • The Contemplative in Action: An Application of Classical Mystical Texts from the World’s Religions to Modern Life
  • Called by God
  • Transformation of Soul
  • In the Beginning
  • Blessed Solitude
  • Wound of Love
  • Days of Awe
  • Contemplation & Loving God

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“[Beverly’s] work speaks directly to my heart. Beverly’s wisdom is two-fold: she is able to create a space for deep spiritual community and she is both brilliant and profound in her knowing. She has researched this topic for twenty years or more and her vision is overwhelmingly joyous and refreshingly true.”

-Neema Caughran, Ph.D. Faculty in Liberal Studies, Goddard College
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