Endorsements for Dr. Beverly Lanzetta

The Via Feminina retreat was life changing for me. Never before have I felt so validated as a woman seeking the divine. For centuries we have been ‘afterthoughts’ in the world’s organized religions. This work speaks directly to my heart. Beverly’s wisdom is two-fold: she is able to create a space for deep spiritual community and she is both brilliant and profound in her knowing. She has researched this topic for twenty years or more and her vision is overwhelmingly joyous and refreshingly true.

Neema Caughran, Ph.D. Faculty in Liberal Studies, Goddard College

Beverly Lanzetta’s spiritual teachings are profound. Her insights into the spiritual dimensions of being broaden perceptions of medicine and healing. She allows the physician healer to understand new dimensions of the patient who sits with him or her. I highly recommend her teaching to all physicians committed to deepening their own spiritual paths as well as heightening their understanding of and interactions with patients facing spiritual challenges.

-Victoria Maizes, MD, Arizona Center for Integrative Medicine, Associate Professor of Medicine, Family Medicine, and Public Health, University of Arizona

I have had the privilege of participating in the deeply inspiring and instructive work offered by Dr. Beverly Lanzetta, both in the Interfaith Theological Seminary as well as through her own private practice as spiritual director and teacher. The work, study, and spiritual deepening over many years have helped me to discover, acknowledge, refine, and share my own particular gifts and has increasingly engaged me in a process of ongoing discovery and commitment. This work has also enabled me to offer to my students in the College of Nursing at the University of Southern Maine both a broad and deep investigation into the personal and global spiritual journey, and the role that spirituality has in any healing process. Dr. Lanzetta is revealing and articulating a spiritual reality that sensitively heeds and is pertinent to the challenging times in which we live – ever moving us toward openness, understanding, and both active and contemplative engagement.

Corinne Martin, MA, Holistic Health Lecturer, University of Southern Maine

I have had the privilege of working with Beverly Lanzetta in a variety of ways since 1980. She has been a spiritual director, spiritual teacher, colleague, and friend to me. She is the founder and spiritual head of the Interfaith Theological Seminary through which I was ordained. Through all of these experiences, I have found Beverly to be a woman of enormous integrity, intellect, and spiritual wisdom. As a spiritual director, Beverly is unsurpassed. Her compassion is coupled with an amazing ability to see into the heart of a person’s spiritual struggles. As a scholar, her work is profound, insightful, radically transformative and unlike any other I have encountered.

-Margaret Riordan, Ph.D.,
Faculty in Sociology, Everett Community College, Washington

The Contemplation and Healing Seminars (1999-2001) and my 2-year experience (2001-2003) in the Interfaith Theological Seminary continue to have profound impact not only on my personal spiritual journey, but on the reshaping of my professional career and redirection of my community service. As my continuing spiritual teacher and advisor, Beverly Lanzetta has provided me the pathway for a more intimate and awakened connectedness with my inner spirit. My practice of medicine is now far more inclusive of and sensitive to spiritual issues in my patients’ lives, and I have redirected my time to include both hospice work and volunteer work at a free clinic for those without health care access. My ongoing spiritual training through Beverly Lanzetta’s teachings is the solid foundation and thread within the path to Spirit I have chosen.

Rev. Evan W. Kligman, MD. IfCM Co-Director, Arizona Center on Aging, Clinical Professor of Public Health and Family and Community Medicine, University of Arizona

In my role as a spirituality program administrator I have had the privilege of hearing many people’s stories of sincere and complete desire to nurture their love of the holy. Yet it is often hard to find the support necessary to do this. Beverly Lanzetta’s book provides a unique, virtual experience of spiritual accompaniment for seekers. It expertly avoids the pitfalls that beset most books on spiritual direction, whereby the reader can scan but not engage, by punctuating the text with journaling exercises that facilitate a deeper engagement with the teaching being presented. It also is unique in awakening a deep appreciation of the riches of many faith traditions in providing guidance for today’s spiritual pilgrim.

-Bernadette Flanagan, Ph.D.
Director of Research, Spirituality Program, All Hallows College (Dublin City University)

I have had the privilege of being one of the adult learners in the Interfaith Theological Seminary, Hesychia School for Spiritual Directors, and the Via Feminina retreats; to a one, the educators, physicians, religious men and women, and psychotherapists in attendance have been astounded by the depth and power of Dr. Lanzetta’s teaching. The transformative effect that Dr. Lanzetta has on those who study with her and engage with her scholarship correlates to the qualities she possesses of a deep integrity, a clear ethical and moral base, and that rare capacity to embody the principles and practices she imparts. What marks Dr. Lanzetta as an extraordinary teacher, however, is not simply her expert knowledge of the field. It has to do with the depth of her personal spirituality and its application to the groundbreaking scholarship and global transformation in which she is currently engaged.

Sarah Stein, Ph.D. Associate Professor, and Assistant Head for Information Technology, Department of Communications, North Carolina State University