An Interview with Beverly: Hosted by Kate Sheehan Roach from The Contemplative Journal

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“It is our sacred duty to forge a global spirituality that is socially responsible and profoundly merciful.” –Beverly Lanzetta Listen to Kate Sheehan Roach’s insightful questions about Beverly’s work, her theology and her latest book, Nine Jewels of Night. They discuss Beverly’s writing, her experience of God breaking into her life, her incredible revelation and …

The Emerging Heart of Faith in a Multi-Religious World

Beverly Lanzetta Lectures

This podcast is from a lecture I presented in March 2009 on “The Emerging Heart of Faith in a Multi-Religious World,” sponsored by the Lutheran School of Theology at Chicago, World Mission Institute, and Chicago Center for Global Ministries. The lecture speaks about the importance of reimagining our world to hold all religions and spiritual …

Inner Monastery Meditation

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If you have already listened to this month’s podcast, you have heard my Inner Monastery Meditation. For this month’s discernment, I have recorded just the meditation in the hopes that it will help you find that singular path. Below is one of my favorite prose poems from Thomas Merton (I read in the podcast). May …

Eleven Contemplations

Beverly Lanzetta Lectures

Our deep self longs for the silence and stillness that comes from contemplation. The Eleven Contemplations speak to this longing. May they help on your journey to reap the harvest of a contemplative heart. “What we plant in the soil of contemplation, we shall reap in the harvest of action.” – Meister Eckhart

Mystical Union of Ibn Al-‘Arabi

Beverly Lanzetta Lectures

This month’s talk is on the stages of mystical annihilation or fana in the thought of Ibn al-‘Arabi.  One of the most influential mystics in the history of Sufism, Arabi was born in Spain to a religious family in 560/1160, and at an early age was singled out for his mystical wisdom. In subsequent years, …