• Lanzetta, Beverly. North Sangre de Cristo.

A Divine Call to the Soul of Humanity

Whether or not you belong to a religion, or are uninterested in religion, I wish to share with you that there is a divine path interior to your being, an organic constellation of wisdom imprinted into your soul. If you have the courage to advance into the mystery of your own solitude, you will discover it for yourself. Composed of its eternal nature, you cannot be lost, abandoned, or forgotten. In the secret teachings of love you will be guided on a spiritual journey that forges a new path of holiness in your being and in the world.

Latest Meditation

  • Meditating with Icons

    Meditating with Icons

    Visual beauty evokes the spirit and draws the one who sees into another dimension of reality. Icons—that is, images of saints and divine figures—are a special type of religious art, designed to be doors between this world and the spiritual world, and serve as a means of connecting us to the Divine. Gazing at an ...  Read More »

An Interview with Beverly

New 2015!

Nine Jewels of Night

“A compelling, life-changing read…highly recommended, especially as a template for anyone seeking a spiritual path of their own.”
— Small Press Bookwatch, May 2015

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