The Contemplative Soul

Beverly Lanzetta Meditations, Study

Note to Readers: Thank you for the many positive responses I have received about my recent meditations, excerpted from “My Soul A Feast of Prayers,” on a new monastic way of life. I hope to have the book completed and ready for publication by summer 2018 (or before!). I appreciate your notes, and send blessings your way! -Beverly

A PERSON WITH A CONTEMPLATIVE TEMPERAMENT OFTEN HAS A PLIABLE OR PERMEABLE SOUL, naturally receptive to the divine. Of course, every person ultimately has such a mystical soul. But in a person born with a monastic personality, the veils between divinity and humanity are thinned. At times, such a person finds it difficult—and often doesn’t know how—to distinguish between worlds, or establish boundaries with others. In the divine, however, boundaries are not necessary. Nothing is rejected; communion between spirit and the soul is a natural flow, like a river moving without obstructions. There is no need for boundaries because nothing is false, harmful, or unloving. You can be fully yourself.

One of the monastic personality’s great lessons is to discern the practical aspects of life, without idealizing spirituality or viewing others purely through a mystical lens. Similarly, the permeable soul will be absorptive of energies in its environment and must learn to guard its divine enclosure. This is where spiritual practices are invaluable because they train us to recognize our energy and to distinguish it from energies that are not our own.

Excerpt, “My Soul a Feast of Prayers,” Forthcoming, © Beverly Lanzetta 2018


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