Gandhi: Dedication to Truth

Beverly Lanzetta Meditations, Study

GANDHI. TO COME IN CONTACT WITH MOHANDAS K. GANDHI through his works or writings is to be left with a sense of gratitude for his dedication to truth. His vision was comprehensive. He modeled a life devoted to silence and prayer; a life of mystical insight conveyed in the most accessible terms. Yet its depth was bottomless.

Many of us are afraid of truth. We believe that it will turn against us, or that it is too arduous, too difficult. What will it mean, where will it lead? Will we become zealots, alienated from the mainstream of society? Are we being naïve, reaching for the unattainable? Are we elitist, believing that we alone can attain special status? Many questions arise when one decides, “I want to live a life of truth.” What does that mean?

In our postmodern world, truth is excoriated, antiquated, or up for grabs. Or truth is only for the naïve, unsophisticated, or extremist. Yet throughout history, people have searched for truth. Augustine suffers for truth. The seers of the Upanishads sing its praises. Martin Luther King, Jr. is murdered to prevent it. The postmodern critique of truth is not new. Nonetheless, the angst and suffering is real. Because it is difficult to ask: “Who am I? What am I doing on Earth?”

Excerpt, “My Soul a Feast of Prayers,” Forthcoming, © Beverly Lanzetta 2018


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