The New Monk and the Divine Feminine

Beverly Lanzetta Meditations, Study

MY PRACTICE OF A NEW MONASTIC SPIRITUALITY is founded on the nondual consciousness of the Divine Feminine. This may be, in fact, its most distinguishing feature: that the Divine Feminine is not solely an aspect of monastic spirituality, the Divine Mother to whom monks pray, or the archetype of the feminine aspect of personality. Rather, this is a monastic sensibility born within and through the Divine Feminine that is bringing into the world a way of being faithful to that Faith which is beyond religion, and a contemplative heart open to the majesty and tragedy of life.

It is a reconfiguration of the human soul on a subtle level, which is so profound and elusive that the agent of that reconfiguration is glimpsed only by her traces. It means redefining personhood not as fallen or wandering, but as the self who carries the seed consciousness of transformation and future renewal. It is to change the focus of humanity’s progression in history from deficit to surplus, from deficiency to strength. This is the vital shift in consciousness needed to build a more holy and peaceful Earth community.

Excerpt, “My Soul a Feast of Prayers,” Forthcoming, © Beverly Lanzetta 2017


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