An Organic Constellation of Wisdom

Beverly Lanzetta Meditations, Study

IMAGINE THAT FOR MANY OF YOU—as it was for me—the call to be a monk, to seek silence and solitude was in your heart from early childhood. As a nine- or ten-year-old, I loved to be alone in the woods near our home. Here, I experienced Silence. I was free—unbounded—of obligations, interpretations, and identities. I must have sensed that I was being drawn in a direction different than that of my schoolmates.

The joy of being alone and longing for silence caused pain—the extremity of my need was not understood. I had no guidance on how to affirm my quest, or how to establish a self-identity in alignment with this deep call. My childhood experiences of closeness to nature—coupled with my classmates often-cruel behavior toward perceived outsiders—turned me inward, alienating me from family and friends. Yet I could not quell my passion to find what was beyond the everyday.

Because the solace I found in solitude not only was suppressed, but also lacked a language of expression, it remained underneath everything as a feeling state, an aspiration of my being that was never satiated by the multitude of things the world offered.

And perhaps, like many of you, years passed without being able to identify the call. . . .

What I’ve learned over these years is that the commitment to seek the ultimate—Great Spirit, Brahman, Allah, God, etc.—is imprinted in the heart of the world. I also have learned that we live in an era of new visions of the sacred and types of religious expression; the monastic heart resides within all people, regardless of life situation or vocation; and it is a sacred duty to share contemporary spiritual ways of being in a world often lacking healthy models of faith.

Whether or not you belong to a religion, or are uninterested in religion, there is a divine path interior to your being, an organic constellation of wisdom imprinted into your soul. If you have the courage to advance into the mystery of your own solitude, you will discover it for yourself. Composed of its eternal nature, you cannot be lost, abandoned, or forgotten. In the secret teachings of love you will be guided on a spiritual journey that forges a path of holiness in your being and in the world.

Excerpt, “My Soul a Feast of Prayers,” Forthcoming, © Beverly Lanzetta 2017


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