Our Life as Prayer

Beverly Lanzetta Meditations, Study

Nicholas Roerich, Hermitage at the Lake, 1912

Nicholas Roerich, Hermitage at the Lake, 1912

A NEW REVELATION OR UNIVERSAL STORY IS NECESSARY TO GUIDE OUR WORLD TODAY, one that respects the biodiversity of life, tapestry of human cultures, and wide expanse of the cosmos. We need to imagine our world in its sacred and prophetic dimensions; in the promise of all religions and spiritual traditions, and in the dignity of all species and life forms. We need to recover the ancient vision of wholeness and closeness to nature that sustained countless generations, and at the same time broaden and deepen this vision beyond local, tribal, or national boundaries to include the whole Earth community. What we need is a sacred attitude of heart, and a global spiritual perspective that informs our quest for peace and is a fulfillment of its promise.

At the core of our collective journey is a vow. When we place Divine Mystery at the center of our hearts, then we truly are living a religious consciousness, whether or not we belong to a named religion. When we place the earthly realm and its entire human and more-than-human inhabitants on an altar of devotion and consecrate our lives each day to their benefit, then we are living a monastic path—a personal, organic spiritual path. When our daily life becomes a prayer, then we are a prayer of love and healing for the world.


Forthcoming, “My Soul A Feast of Prayers,” by Beverly Lanzetta.


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