Gathering Prayer

Beverly Lanzetta Meditations, Prayer

(Begin with the lighting of a candle)

Gathering Prayer

Pace e Bene, Beverly Lanzetta

Pace e Bene, Beverly Lanzetta

As we join together this day in the light of your presence
we are reminded that we are all one in the divine heart.

May this longing for oneness transform our world.

May our hearts be opened, in the very depths
where we find you, God,
to the glorious expression of your love found
in all religions and spiritual traditions.

You speak to us, Holy Mystery, in this diversity,
and we are enriched and humbled by the
breadth and depth of your Silence and of your Words.

May our gathering together this day signify our hopes
for the harmony of our planet,
the alleviation of suffering,
food for the hungry,
shelter for the homeless,
and respect for the poor.

May this flame be a testimony of our willingness
to struggle together toward the advent of peace,
loving all and embracing all in the family of creation.


~from Beverly Lanzetta’s Daily Prayers to Holy Mystery


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