The World is an Intimate Community of Beings

Beverly Lanzetta Meditations, Study

Nicholas Roerich, Snow maiden, 1947

Nicholas Roerich, Snow maiden, 1947

THE WORLD IS AN INTIMATE COMMUNITY OF BEINGS. The notion of a distant, unfeeling god is an antiquated metaphor. We groan with the world; we feel the pangs of the other. We share in each other’s joys and triumphs; and we suffer in each other’s and our own travails. A theology of intimacy evaluates our religions and our lives through a different lens. Subverting the tendency to claim absolute and final knowledge, it recognizes that truth is tested in daily existence, when the self melts away and both God and the world are undone. It brings us into deep association with creation, tears down the walls of segregation and exclusion, opens our hearts to the mysterious patterning of life’s wholeness, and teaches us not to turn away from pain. There is no religion, authority, or person who can overcome the spiritual tendency that draws us toward the tender kisses and nurturing embrace of love.

-excerpt from “Theology of Intimacy” by Beverly Lanzetta

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