No Longer Yearn For What We Are Not

Beverly Lanzetta Meditations, Study


This condition of mysticism will never be over, for we are of it. We never feel at home elsewhere, but only in the serenity and comfort of our communion with God. We may attempt to make excuses for this state, hoping that it would finally go away and we would then be able to function well in the ‘real’ world. Yet, not only has this never been meant to be, we must no longer yearn for what we are not.

Many of you have expressed a longing for mystical union, for the touch of the Divine, and have suffered over the lack of cultural and religious support, at times feeling lost and purposeless. Yet turmoil is a positive sign that your soul is being stirred by a deep desire. For the mystical path of the heart requires a reevaluation of time-honored religious beliefs, and the openness to emerging revelations. It is the process whereby the soul serves as a birthplace of a universal path of spirit, and a new light of peace toward all beings.


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