Now Is Our Time

Beverly Lanzetta Meditations, Study

Our hearts are called to the quiet desert, a desert that looks a bit different today than it did to our monastic fore-bearers, a desert that is so difficult to inhabit with any regularity amid the noise of daily life.

This movement into the desert is not a journey, actually, not a striking out to foreign shores or starry heavens, although these too have their place. Rather the radical wisdom that is the mark of solitary places is discovered when we sink down into the place we inhabit, like brother Benedict and his cenobitic band of monks. Through accepting responsibility for our embodiment, and for the ordinary events that give life meaning, we glimpse the habitation of the sacred within our midst. And somehow, in the throes of everything else, comes a spiritual belonging that feels at home everywhere but resides nowhere.

It is almost like saying that, if we were to achieve the enlightenment or salvation prescribed by all our religions—rather than living this in some realm after death, in some heaven away from home—we would come back to this world ready to work together in the essential wisdom that underlies every religious sentiment: Let it be on earth as it is in heaven.
Now is our time to be unveiled, to offer ourselves to silence, and to become votaries of peace, forging a global community where none are excluded and all are welcomed to the table of communion. Now is our time to follow the precepts and the sacrifices made by our prophetic ancestors, those men and women who dwelled in the heart of reality where love (is all there) is.

Excerpt from Beverly Lanzetta’s Emerging Heart: Global Spirituality and the Sacred.


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