The Mother Seed

Beverly Lanzetta Meditations, Practice

Divine Sophia is the mother seed from which sacred consciousness grows,
and the starting point for a global spirituality. This is because in the hiddenness of the Divine Feminine is the principle behind every principle, the root consciousness that incarnates in various forms.

When you experience nondual intimacy beyond religious identity, then everything is holy. Everything is as it should be. Everything is the source of further illumination. You enter into the heart of truth, before it takes on a particular uniqueness. You discover the path of emptiness and the dwelling place of the Divine Mother. When you find Her source, you understand all spiritual traditions and essences, and you sit at the lotus juncture, a recipient of new revelation.

It is here that we live the formless form, the wayless way that is capable of bearing ambiguity, uncertainty, paradox, and plural realities. Through this mother consciousness, which endures all things, we glimpse the divine that is always within and with us, is always on our side and supporting us, is always present to us. As well, it is never against us and it never withdraws.

Follow the simple beauty of Her path, and the quiet way in which She enters your heart. She is calling you! Sink into the silky gentleness She brings—like the gray down of a morning dove—and you will be enwrapped in folds of love, your whole being at peace.

Excerpt from Beverly’s forthcoming book on new monasticism, My Soul a Feast of Prayers.

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