Evening Prayer 1

Beverly Lanzetta Meditations, Prayer

Canticle of Healing

Light of Spirit, please hear my prayers:

For the dying and the ill,
send the light of solace.

For the violated and rejected,
send the angels of healing.

For the wounded and killed in war,
send the balm of peace.

For the poor and homeless,
send the heart of compassion.

For the betrayed and abandoned,
send the guardians of love.

For the earth and all our relations,
Let there be reconciliation.

For the mass of humanity
without food,
without parents,
in poverty,
alone and bereft
May my heart break open,
May I bear suffering in your name.

Make of my soul a home for the homeless
and a refuge for the poor.
Grant me the strength to be a sign of peace.


Lanzetta, Beverly. Daily Prayers to Holy Mystery. San Diego: Blue Sapphire Books, 2015.