Ask Me to Give Myself Away

Beverly Lanzetta Meditations, Prayer


“Oh Beauty, how I do adore you! So weary am I and so habituated to the old ways. Grant me the courage to abandon all, to savor your sweet call that fills my whole being with the delicate ardor of love. Call me again and again and I will come. Ask me what you will and I will answer. Give me a task and I will fulfill it. Ask me to go hungry, send me away in thirst, I will not abandon you. It is your will that my love commands. It is your desire that my life is for.
        Show me what you need and I will do it. Show me what you wish and I will find it. Ask me to give myself away and I will lay my heart upon stone tablets for all to tread. For you there is nothing I will not do. You, Beloved, who wants my freedom, who leads me through the valleys of despair to a Light brighter than any sun, you who have given me the gift of Love: what else can I do to show my gratitude?”

-Author’s Journal, 2002
Nine Jewels of Night by Beverly Lanzetta (p. 11)