The Need to Know One’s Self

Beverly Lanzetta Meditations, Study

Perhaps you wonder, “What draws me closer to the divine heart?”

Essential to the path is passion: the overwhelming necessity to find God, to know the true self. This yearning to know who you are must take precedence over your need to exist, for existence is not life, it is just getting by. But the passionate need to know one’s self, the need of oneself is the impetus and first condition of the heart’s path….Passion is the first condition of the spiritual quest without which one would not have the resilience to pursue God directly.

Passion is your strength and fortitude, because it is not diverted by voices that warn: “Don’t love completely; don’t trust.” Passion is the lover seeking the beloved. Whatever trials the lover must endure to reach the beloved he or she willingly undertakes. The longing of the heart is so direct that is is your greatest strength. But just as your heart can be wounded, also can your soul’s longing. Your passion reaches out, gets diverted and weakens your inner fire. Once again, your passion gains strength, pursues its goal, and is diverted. But, the flame can never die, nor be destroyed, for always it remains one and united with the Ultimate Source.

To keep the flame burning in your heart you must pray every day to remain in your intention. Remind yourself what is most important: to long for God, for Truth. The reason passionate yearning is so vital, is because it is direct movement from your heart to the heart of the Divine, and nothing can interfere with this pure intention.

Excerpt taken from Path of the Heart: A Spiritual Guide to Divine Union by Beverly Lanzetta (pp. 111-112)