Exercises for Your Spiritual Path

Beverly Lanzetta Meditations, Study

Over the last weeks, I have been talking about the interlocking perspectives of kataphatic and apophatic language in relation to one’s spiritual journey. The following spiritual exercises can be used to aid in examining some of your experiences with this new lens of types of religious language. It might be helpful to review the June and July posts before beginning.


  1. Review your life history and identify several key moments in your personal development. Are you a person who is drawn more toward the apophatic, a wordless and silent form of meditation? Or do you find meaning in devotional practices, ritual, and praying to a divine person? Perhaps the apophatic and kataphatic are both part of your life’s journey. Draw a map or picture of your spiritual preference.
  2. If you do not find meaning in the rituals and teachings of your religion, could you possibly have an apophatic relationship to tradition? That is, you might be an apophatic Christian (or Jew or Hindu or Muslim)—that is, one who seeks truth beyond words and rituals, and wishes to enter what Meister Eckhart called a “wilderness”, “the quiet desert, silent desert, beyond Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.” Contemplate this idea.