Litany for Peace

Beverly Lanzetta Meditations, Prayer

We have prayed for peace,
Unknowing of what we truly ask.
Peace cannot come into the house
Where love is unwelcome.
Peace cannot come into the land
Where injustice and oppression live.
Peace cannot enter or be fostered
In souls that still engage in dispute
Peace does not come meekly and unarmed.
Peace needs the pathway of our will to change.
Peace will not come to the troubled world
Unless we invite it under our own roof.

Peace, I am disarming myself of the need to be right,
Peace I am disarming myself of the need to feel superior,
Peace, I am disarming my contract with fear.
Peace I am removing my armor of anger,
Peace, I am dismantling my anxious illusions,
Peace I am ringing down the curtain on my theatre of war,
Peace, I am undoing the locks and bolts.
O Peace, It is I who have left you out:
Come in and welcome!

From Celtic Devotional: Daily Prayers and Blessings
by Caitlin Matthews