The Emerging Heart of Faith in a Multi-Religious World

Beverly Lanzetta Lectures

This podcast is from a lecture I presented in March 2009 on “The Emerging Heart of Faith in a Multi-Religious World,” sponsored by the Lutheran School of Theology at Chicago, World Mission Institute, and Chicago Center for Global Ministries.

The lecture speaks about the importance of reimagining our world to hold all religions and spiritual traditions as part of our collective inheritance, and to honor the dignity of all species and life forms. The talk is divided into four areas: 1. What is Global Spirituality and why it is important today; 2. Global Spirituality as an Emerging Faith; 3. The contemplative heart of Global Spirituality 4. In what ways Global Spirituality transforms the spiritual journey.

I hope you enjoy the first free podcast of my Invitation to Contemplative Study: Awakening the Mystic Heart.