Inner Monastery Meditation

Beverly Lanzetta Lectures, Practice

If you have already listened to this month’s podcast, you have heard my Inner Monastery Meditation. For this month’s discernment, I have recorded just the meditation in the hopes that it will help you find that singular path.

Below is one of my favorite prose poems from Thomas Merton (I read in the podcast). May Merton’s poem and this meditation foster a return to the palace of quiet, alone with the Alone.  Amen.


One might say I had decided to marry the silence of the forestThe sweet dark warmth of the whole world will have to be my wife. Out of the heart of that dark warmth comes the secret that is heard only in silence, but it is the root of all of the secrets that are whispered by all the lovers in their beds all over the world. So perhaps I have an obligation to preserve the stillness, the silence, the poverty, the virginal point of pure nothingness which is at the center of all our other loves. I attempt to cultivate this plant without comment in the middle of the night and water it with psalms and prophecies in silence. It becomes the most rare of all the trees in the garden, at once the primordial paradise tree, the axis mundi, the cosmic axle, the Cross. There is only one such tree.”  ~Thomas Merton