Forty Days of Prayer

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Day 1
May I grow closer to you with each day, my dearest God.
May you fill my spiritual hunger with your overflowing love.

Day 2
Free me, Holy One, from seeking my own gratification,
and conform my whole being to your loving embrace.

Day 3
May you lead me, Great Spirit, beyond all definitions and restrictions
into your heart of hearts, where the light of divine love is All.

Day 4
I long to be alone with you, my Beloved.
Please teach me the surrender of the monastic heart.

Day 5
May I be given the wisdom to be centered in my heart,
Holy Mother, until my whole life is the measure of your love.

Day 6
O, Mystery, you love me without condition.
Please heal my wounded heart and allow me to embrace the depth of your desire.

Day 7
May I feel, Divine One, your prophetic cry for those
who suffer and are downtrodden by the sins of the world.

Day 8
Humble me, my God, until my heart overflows with gratitude
for all the blessings you bestow on me this day.

Day 9
O, Divine Mother, may my heart and the heart of the world feel
the suffering of and heal the violence against our beloved sisters everywhere.

Day 10
Silent Mystery, your creation is a bouquet of splendor!
May my life be dedicated to celebrating the beauty of difference.

Day 11
Show me, Holy One, how I may draw closer to you in daily life.
Grant me the courage to seek you alone in all I do and all I am.

Day 12
May I have the determination and the faith to continue to seek you,
Great Spirit, in the trails and joys of every day.

Day 13
O Beloved, make me strong so that I may give away my small self,
and make me weak so I may surrender to silence.

Day 14
In every struggle, dear God, you have bound me to your heart.
Help me to learn from my trial and pain the power of love.

Day 15
Encircle me, Divine Mother, with radiant joy, and set me free from bondage.
May your freedom become the emblem of my devotion.

Day 16
Come to me in my hour of need, Gentle Mystery.
As I weep with tears of fire, may your tender caresses soothe my weary soul.

Day 17
Teach me, O Peace, how to be quiet and strong in myself.
Grant me inner solitude, so I will remember that you alone sustain the fluttering of my heart.

Day 18
May the dark light of wisdom penetrate my soul and illumine my ardent longings.
It is for Truth alone that my parched soul thirsts.

Day 19
O God of justice and peace! Please open my heart and the hearts of humanity
to the suffering of all beings, and to the subjugation of the feminine spirit of life.

Day 20
Help me, Loving Creator, to accept your gifts with a humble heart.
May I honor my limitations and the limitations of others, as I grow in peace and serenity.

Day 21
May your light shine on me, Holy One, until my soul is humble and free.
Take me and use me for your work of reconciliation in the world.

Day 22
Console me, Divine Mother, as the storms of change tear down my limitations and
build up my longing for your life.  Grant me the courage of faith.

Day 23
Dear God, I know you are with me in my strength and in my weakness.
Show me how to celebrate weakness as a sign of spiritual growth.

Day 24
May my heart overflow with compassion for the suffering of humanity.
May you help me, Loving Creator, to practice nonviolence of spirit.

Day 25
Divine Mother of us all, help my heart and the heart of our world to bring peace.
Lament with us and show us the way to healing.

Day 26
Come to life in me, each day, Holy One.
Help me to turn all my worries over to the Spirit who fills the universe with joy.

Day 27
Gentle Spirit, help me to marry silence and speech, prayer and action in my own heart.
May I be united in the flame of divine love.

Day 28
Silence, great teacher, fill my soul with your perfume!
May my heart be a home for the still pulsing of creation toward holiness.

Day 29
O, Joyous One!  How I laugh!  How I celebrate your loveliness!
Your boundless happiness adorns my heart with song.

Day 30
May my heart expand without words into the silence of your love.
Anoint me, Divine One, with the wisdom of the unseen.

Day 31
Today, and all the days of my life, grant me the strength to examine my heart.
May I be faithful to your gift of truth in me.

Day 32
May my heart groan with those who are pained and feel anguish with those who suffer oppression.
May my soul feel your pathos, Darling Mother, for our world.

Day 33
Blessed are you, Creator, for the many souls of light that have illuminated my path.
May their memory and the memory of all your saints shine with compassion on our world.

Day 34
As you have bestowed mercy on us, O God, may my heart grow in compassion and forgiveness.
Lead me to your inner sanctum, to the white light of the holy spirit.

Day 35
Show me, Fount of Mercy, where I can find you!
Come to me, Merciful One, and be a rudder for my wandering soul.

Day 36
Thank you for all the friends in my life.  Thank you for their love and honesty.
May I be a committed and generous friend in all my relations.

Day 37
Thank you for the freedom to question.
Thank you for the joy of not-knowing.
My heart is humble before your glory.

Day 38
Blessed be you, who bestows all Goodness.
Blessed be you, heart of hearts.
Blessed be you, who contemplates life through creation.

Day 39
Each day, I practice the three wisdoms—love, humility, and emptiness.
I long to learn the final tests, to be my best on the other side of pain and loss.

Day 40
O, glorious Light, how my soul is illumined by your radiance!
In all of creation you are hidden beneath tender veils

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